The Hotelier’s Guide to a Contactless Guest Experience

7 Steps to Delivering a Safe and Contactless Guest Experience Using Text Messaging

Download this guide and learn how the true story of one hotel staying open in the epicenter of the pandemic, to serve frontline workers, provides a blueprint for the rest of hospitality.

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What will differentiate hotels moving forward is not that they offer a contactless guest experience, but that they can execute it efficiently and deliver a safe and enjoyable experiences for guests.

In this tactical guide, we share how contactless and real-time communication is helping hotel companies deliver a seamless guest experience.

Learn how to:

  • Proactively communicate to keep guests informed of new protocols
  • Engage guests in real-time throughout their entire stay
  • Use real-time communication to coordinate housekeeping and other service
  • Use workflow automations to eliminate manual and tedious processes and save your staff time


The Hoteliers Guide to a Contactless Guest Experience

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