Parking & Valet
Let customers text ahead for their car

Start receiving texts today.


Customer texts
in their valet request
Zingle receives and
prints request
Business receives and
confirms request







Zingle lets your business capture powerful data
with custom and interactive messaging.




Explore advanced features that strengthen
customer relationships.

Group Messaging

Zingle’s advanced group messaging feature allows customers to set-up groups to interact on a large scale. Group customers by convenient participants, leadership conferences, loyalty and much more to communicate directly with a targeted group.



Drive more customer survey feedback with short, simple text-based surveys. Web & email surveys don’t work because they take too long. Zingle’s advanced survey feature provides the ability to build custom survey questions and track survey results in real-time.



Valet Services

We’ll have your car ready for you.

Zingle currently services over 500 parking locations across the country with it’s first-to-market Text Valet solution. Zingle service paired with our instant printer device allows customers to text their valet ticket to parking attendants so their car is ready when they are.


Text Ahead

Let your customers text ahead.

Whether you have a residential parking garage or commercial parking garage, let your customers text for their car before they arrive. Texting will help reduce phone call volume and focus your parking attendants on parking & retrieving cars.


Meet Chat-Valet

Allow hotel staff & doormen to request cars.

Why should the convenience of texting be limited to customers? Zingle’s special Chat-Valet service, customized for hotels and doormen, provides staff a fast & efficient way to request their cars and manage the valet request queue.



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